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At this moment in time, we are pausing active sầu development on all YI kích hoạt Cam products & the YI kích hoạt App. We bởi vì not a fixed date when updates will resume, & we apologize for the inconvenience.

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The current version of the YI kích hoạt App is still available using the following steps below:

ANDROIDDelete the current version of the YI kích hoạt ứng dụng from your smartphone.Navigate khổng lồ the bottom of the page & clichồng the “Get it for Android” button. When the “” notification appears, clichồng “Install“.Wait for the YI Action App to install.Once it’s finished, go lớn Setting > General > Device Management. Cliông xã on Enterprise App and then “Trust” Shangnhì Xiaoyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Your YI Action App is now verified & ready lớn use.


Remove all previous versions of the YI Action tiện ích, and install the lachạy thử version (ver. 3.9.07) from the App Store.

Due to changes to the iOS platsize, the YI kích hoạt App is currently unavailable on iOS devices. 

Performance amongst current iOS users may vary, và we strongly recommend all users record their footage locally on to high capacity microSD thẻ for the most reliable experience. 


Original post:

With the recent release of iOS 13, some YI Action ứng dụng users have reported technical issues. We recommover you delete & re-download the YI Action tiện ích.

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Please baông xã up all of your YI kích hoạt tiện ích data before proceeding.


Then from your iOS 13 device, vì chưng the following:

Delete your current verison of the YI kích hoạt tiện ích.Click the “App Store” button lớn install.When the “” notification appears, click “Install”.Wait for the YI Action App to lớn install.Once it’s finished, go lớn Setting > General > Device Management > cliông chồng on Enterprise App & cliông xã on “Trust” Shangnhị Xiaoyi Technology Co., Ltd..

Your YI kích hoạt App is now verified and ready to lớn use.


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