I’m so interested in recent Xiaomi’s products because of its good quality, minimamenu design, & a very affordable price tag. The Xiaomày Mi WiFi Router 3 is another sản phẩm following this trend. Let’s check it out.

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Unboxing Video

Design & Features

Similar khổng lồ other Xiaomi’s smart products, the Mi router features a minimalist kiến thiết in a white exterior. The whole product is still made of plastic but it feels quite sturdy. I was also quite surprised when I took it out of the box, the router is extremely lightweight as there is only a mainboard inside the plastic body. It is super thin & there is no button at all.


You just can find some ports on the back of the unit, including 2 LAN ports, 1 WAN port, a power port and a USB 2.0 port.


The router is equipped with 4 external antennas khổng lồ deliver a wider coverage, we will take a deeper look at the performance in the next section.


The router doesn’t have a power button, so you just need to lớn plug in the power adapter & connect khổng lồ your modem, then everything is ready. You now can connect your smartphone or computer to the new Xiaomày network khổng lồ phối up the router. The process is quite easy but the web interface is in Chinese, so you will have to lớn take a guess sometimes.

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There is a companion app called MiWiFi & it is available in English. However, I don’t find the ứng dụng useful at all, the web interface is simpler & has advanced network settings. I also hate that the tiện ích is too complicated & it requires a lot of permissions when I install it on my Android phone. Take a look at some screenshots from the phầm mềm.



The Mi WiFi Router 3 is a dual-band 802.11ac router that can operate on both the 2.4GHz và 5GHz bands. I made a speed comparison between this router and my current router, which is the Asus RT-AC68R. I tested them using my điện thoại thông minh in the same room as well in the furthest room of my house. Let’s kiểm tra out the results.

Speed Test on 2.4GHz band

Mi WiFi Router 3 (left) vs Asus RT-AC68R (right)


Speed Test on 5GHz band

Mi WiFi Router 3 (left) vs Asus RT-AC68R (right)


You can see that the performances of these 2 routers are quite similar on the 2.4GHz b&. The Xiaomi’s router did a great job & I had no problem connecting lớn the Internet in the weakest Wi-Fi spots in my house. My computer and my smartphone always receive a very good signal from the router.

However, the performance on the 5GHz band is another story. The Internet tốc độ with the Mi router is significantly slower when I’m far away, & sometimes I even couldn’t watch a Youtube đoạn phim in full-HD resolution. Of course, the connection is still great when I’m in cthảm bại proximity khổng lồ the router. On the other hvà, the Asus router performs consistently và I have sầu great coverage all over my house.



CheapFuturistic designGreat performance on 2.4GHz band


The companion app requires unnecessary permissionsUnderwhelming performance on 5GHz band

Although the Mi Router 3 has some limitations, it is still a good value for most average consumers. I recommover this hàng hóa if you stay cthua trận lớn it and don’t connect more than 6 devices simultaneously.

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Design và Features - 8
Performance - 6