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Joining the jubilant atmosphere of the Liberation Day and the International Labor Day, Hoang Ha thiết bị di động offers customers great hunting giao dịch from April 29 to May 3. Don’t miss the chance to lớn buy a smartphone, speaker, headphối và lots of other accessories, with up to lớn 50% shoông chồng relief.

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Genuine Apple products with the best prices in the marketHoang Ha Smartphone is an authorized Apple retailer in Vietphái nam. All iPhone phones sold at Hoang Ha di động carry the code VN / A, with the best prices in the market:

iPhone 12 mini (VN / A) from only 14,950,000 VNDiPhone 12 (toàn nước / A) from only 18,650,000 VNDiPhone 12 Pro (toàn nước / A) from 25,580,000 VND onlyiPhone 12 Pro Max (cả nước / A) only from 27,950,000 VND

In particular, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is continuously available, always available on the shelf at an unprecedented price drop. (The above sầu price has decreased 1,000,000 VND when participating in new collection)

iPhone 11 (cả nước / A) priced from only 15,680,000 VNDiPhone XR (Việt Nam / A) price from only 11,680,000 VND

Genuine toàn nước / A AirPods 2 from only 3,150,000 VNDGenuine VN / A AirPods Pro from only 4,990,000 VNDApple Watch Series 3 | SE | Series 6 price from 4,950,000 VND onlyApple iPad tablet Gen 8 price from only 8,490,000 VNDMacbook Air | Pro M1 chip price from only 24,490,000 VNDiPhone 20W Type-C fast charger costs only VND 490,000

Samsung reduced shock by 45%Smart phones và tablets of Samsung are on the danh mục of extremely strong discounts that you should not ignore.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus | S21 Ultra only from 16,450,000 VND (Join collecting old lớn renew more details

save sầu up lớn 20,000,000 VND)

Samsung Galaxy A02s | A12 price only from 2,980,000 VNDSamsung Galaxy A31 | A32 price from only 4,590,000 VNDSamsung Galaxy A52 | A72 price from only 8,390,000 VNDSamsung Galaxy chú ý trăng tròn Ultra price from 24,290,000 VNDSamsung Galaxy Tab S7 | S7 Plus price from only 15,790,000 VND

Products of Xiaomi, Điện thoại Oppo, Nokia, …

1. XiaomiOn the occasion of the festival, genuine Xiaongươi smartphones & smart trang chính appliances are being sold at extremely attractive sầu prices:

Xiaomày Redmi 9 | 9A | 9C price from only 1,890,000 VNDXiaomi Redmày lưu ý 10 | chú ý 10 Pro price from only 3,990,000 VNDXiaongươi Mi 10T Pro 5G price from only 9,970,000 VNDMi Bvà | Watch Lite smart bracelet price from only 680,000 VNDRobot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential | Vacuum Mop | Vacuum Mop Pro costs only from VND 4,190,000Air purifiers cost only 2,750,000 VND


Oppo A12 | A15 | A15s price from 2,550,000 VND onlyOppo A54 price from 4,290,000 VNDOppo A93 price from 5,250,000 VNDOppo Reno 5 price from 6,950,000 VND

3. Nokia

Nokia 2.4 | 3.4 | 5.4 price from only 1.990.000dNotê Cđôi mươi price from 2,090,000 VND only

4. Realme

Realme C12 | C15 | C17 price from only 2,680,000 VNDRealme 7 | 7i price from only 5,380,000 VND

5. Vsmart

Vsmart Star 5 price only from 2,450,000 VNDVsmart Joy 4 price from only 2,690,000 VNDVsmart Live 4 price from only 3.550.000d

6. Blackberry

Blackberry Key One price from only 3,990,000 VNDGenuine Sony speakers & headphones priced from only VND 169,000Genuine JBL speakers và headphones priced from: VND 490,000Genuine LG speakers & headphones priced from only VND 890,000Genuine Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 Bluetooth Headmix is priced at only VND 380,000Genuine Soundpeats Mac Bluetooth headphones priced at only 550,000 VNDAccessories Tubers, Cables, Backup batteries reduced up to 55%

Smartwatch giao dịch up khổng lồ 40%

Garmin watch Forerunner 45 | Forerunner 945 | Fenix ​​6 price from only 3,790,000 VND

Garmin has been the famous Swiss watch br& for more than 3 decades. The company’s products are comprehensive sầu for those who regularly practice sports such as swimming, running và jumping, … and help locate accurate health care.

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Huamày watches
Price is only from 690,000 VND

This is a famous smartwatch company from Trung Quốc for your reference. Despite its mid-range price, it still ensures smart features such as heart rate measurement, notification of gọi messages, and tư vấn for health monitoring.

Fitbit watches The price is only from 2,150,000 VND

Fitbit is the leading smart wearable device in the United States with outstanding modes such as: 24/7 automatic heart rate monitoring, tư vấn for up to 15 different exercise modes, SpO2 sensor for tracking changes changes in blood oxygene levels and other health indicators.

Navigation watches for children Masstel Super Hero | My Alo price from 1,050,000 VND

Smart navigation watch like “bodyguard” on children’s hands with full features such as accurate GPS navigation, SOS danger warning mode, step measurement, alarm … help parents feel more secure. about your child’s safety

Replace the iPhone 5 to Xs Max battery from only 190kWhen customers come khổng lồ replace genuine iPhone batteries Hãng Pisen or Energizer at Hoang Ha sản phẩm điện thoại on the occasion of the holidays from April 29 to lớn May 3, up khổng lồ 30% off with attractive sầu gifts up to VND 800,000:For Energizer batteries:

Free InvisibleShield Glass + VisionGuard-iPhone screen protector worth 800,000 VND when customers replace Energizer batteries for iPhone 7/7 Plus / 8/8 Plus và iPhone XGet GEAR4 D3O Wembley iPhone 6-8 compatible Case worth VND 490,000 when you replace the iPhone 6 / 6s batteryFree GEAR4 D3O Piccadilly Shockproof Case for iPhone 6 / 6S / 7/8 Plus worth VND 490,000 when customers replace the iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus battery

For Pisen Power batteries: Immediately give sầu Pisen Power Powerteen Lightning 1000milimet Cable – Genuine, worth 150,000 VNDPrice danh sách for replacing Hãng Pisen / Energizer batteries at Hoang Ha Mobile

Coming to Hoang Ha di động, customers can be completely assured of the battery replacement service quality:

New 100% original battery Hãng Pisen and Energizer, fully compatible with the deviceCustomers witness with their own eyes (say no to changing things, swapping things)Quichồng battery replacement time (about 10-15 minutes)Withstvà temperature 45ᵒ, aging demo 72 hours12-month warranty + $ 2 million global insurance packageMeets Apple standards (Including hardware và software). Show peak performance và capathành phố above> iOS 11.3

In the coming time, Hoang Ha Mobile will continuously expvà the system, bringing the total khổng lồ more than 70 shops when opening successive branches at 101 Klặng Ma, Hanoi; 222 Le Hoan, Phu Ly City; 75 Nguyen Thi Thap, District 7 và 243 Bach Dang, Binc Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. A lot of attractive sầu gifts & chất lượng offers at the opening shops, follow the Hoang Ha điện thoại fanpage facebook lớn update the lakiểm tra news.