Aseries offlagship smartphones Redmày chú ý has received many accolades. What isnew inRedmi chú ý 3Pro? Itisapowerful flagship điện thoại thông minh featuring the presence ofafingerprint scanner, metal case, capacious battery of4000mAh. Despite its powerful features and greater staffing, the phablet looks very elegant, itisstill very light and pleasant tothe touch. Itisour pride, animproved điện thoại thông minh specifically designed for the youth. Quiông chồng, lightweight, beautiful, durable. Redmi Note3 Pro will surely please you.

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MSM8956 Snaprồng 650Qualcomilimet CPUFingerprint scannerChipphối for safety4000mAhThin, capacious battery164gVery lightMetal caseNice tothe touch

Flagship processor QualcommMSM8956SnapLong 650

Speed! That’s what might becalled the flagship điện thoại thông minh. Speed ofthe điện thoại thông minh allowsus tofully appreciate và experience the whole range ofpositive emotions, playing different games. Redmày Note3 Pro isequipped with high-performance 6cores, inaddition, ithas afaster dual-channel internal memory eMMC 5.0, not tomention the new system MIUI 7.

Inshort, the optimization ofthe smartphoneOS will allow you toget alot ofenjoyment from Redmày lưu ý 3Pro.


6-coreCortex-A53 + Cortex-A7264-bitCPU3GB Dual Channel RAMStandard Edition 2GB (optional)32GB RAMStandard Edition 16GB (optional)

Fast screen unlochồng

Tounloông chồng the screen use the fingerprint scan injust 0.3seconds. Put your finger onidentification zone​​, & your phone will beunlocked in0.3seconds, which ismuch faster than the standard procedure ofentering apassword. Inaddition, when shopping online, you can also, with the help ofafingerprint, pay for your purchase. You nolonger need toworry about the problem ofsecurity, because thanks tothe fingerprint scanning, itexcludes the possibility ofanoutsider tocrachồng the security system ofthe smartphone.


Pleasant tothe touch, metal frame

Welượt thích metallic framing, not only because ofits shine, but because the coating isvery pleasant tothe touch. Redmi Note3 Pro case isvery beautiful and secure atthe same time.

Equally important are tactile sensations. Toimprove coloring & protective functions ofđiện thoại thông minh case, weused atechnique ofanodic oxidation, whereby, when the high temperature processing and painting are storing initial pleasant tactile sensations ofmetal.


Light, but capacious battery 4000mAh

Most smartphones donot have such abattery 4000mAh, the capacity ofwhich isequal to132% battery capacity ofthe previous generation. Battery life isalso greatly increased, soyou donot have sầu toconstantly worry about the battery màn chơi ofyour điện thoại thông minh. Surprising isthe fact that the điện thoại thông minh isequipped with apowerful battery, and still itislight enough.


+32% capathành phố, + 4gofweight

Itcan beassumed that the smartphone, which isequipped with alarge capacity battery of4000mAh, should beheavy và thiông xã. Asaresult ofvarious innovations, incomparison ofRedngươi Note3 Pro topreviously presented Redmày Note2, wecan say that with the presence ofhigh-capathành phố battery, our optimized flagship has on32% greater amount ofcharge, and its weight has increased byjust 4grams.China sản phẩm điện thoại, Trung Quốc Unicom

WiFi 802.11ac

Redmi Note3 Pro supports 4GDual Slặng, Dual Standby, aswell asanupdated module WiFi 802.11ac. Free WiFi, free connection tothe network inmore than 20000 public places. Faster và more convenient connection tothe Internet. Share your experiences with your friends, without losing aminute.

Anincredible journey with camera Redmi Note3 Pro

What isneeded toreceive alot oflikes for your photos from your friends? This requires not only abeautiful view, but also agood camera. Camera Redmày Note3 Pro isexactly what you need. 16Mp camera with amaximum tốc độ ofAF phase of0.1second, which provides high chất lượng graphics for your images và allows tomake instant photos. Interesting ideas, coupled with agood camera— aguarantee ofgood pictures.

16MpAFphase 0.1 seconds36modes for image editing

Optimization of5.5″ screen

1080p Full HD

Perhaps you think that clarity isthe main thing onthe screen. Wethink that the screen Redmi Note3 Pro became even more “intelligent”. Thanks tothe optical screen giải pháp công nghệ, điện thoại thông minh isable todetermine your location (whether itisany room orstreet), và automatically adjust the contrast ofthe display according tothe weather. Atthe same time toachieve sầu excellent image quality, this công nghệ automatically increases the brightness ofthe screen inthe dark. Technology ofnight mode adjusts the display sothat itisnot too much light inthe darkness and itisnot “cutting” your eyes and prevents the occurrence ofasthenopia (eye fatigue). New technologies are not only making images clearer onthe screen, but also adjusting the display settings according toyour location.


Optical screenAdjusting the contrastNight modeAdjusting the brightness ofthe displayEye protection modeReducing blue light ofdisplay

Beautiful điện thoại thông minh with anupdated system

Redmi Note3 Pro has anew system MIUI7, which isafaster và more economical. Tostandard interface MIUI 7also added excellent themes for the perfect design ofthe smartphone “light extravaganza”, “goddess”, “schoolgirl”, “schoolboy”. Itisworth noting that the response time ofRedmi Note3 Pro is30% faster, which saves even more power ofsmartphone. Afaster, more beautiful Redngươi Note3 Pro with optimized system MIUI 7will surely amaze you.

Flagship Redmày Note3 Pro

Qualcomm MSM8956 Snapdragon 650 Processor/ Fingerprint Reader

Itiswell known that the better components are used for the smartphone, the higher its cost. High capathành phố battery involves anincrease inweight & form size, và featured afingerprint scan and ametal casing has seriously complicated the problem that has arisen infront ofall the creators ofthis điện thoại thông minh. However, wehave done the task: metal case, fingerprints, capacious battery, và the weight atthe same time increased byonly 4grams. Redmày Note3 Pro isinstep with the youth!


Scanning fingerprints

Unlocking, payments, privacy

Widespread use offingerprint identification function. Put your finger inthe identification zone and your điện thoại thông minh will beinstantly unlocked orawaked. Inaddition, you nolonger have sầu to“play” with passwords, this feature also allows you topay for purchases made atonline stores, lock/ unlochồng your personal files, set the “children” mode. Toperkhung all these functions, you donot have sầu toinvent intricate passwords, should just touch the display toidentify you.

Unlocking the screenPaying for purchasesSecurity ofpersonal files

Safety & ease ofuse

You can besure that fingerprint recognition feature, more precisely, its safety has already reached the cấp độ ofthe chip. Itisbased ongiải pháp công nghệ Trustonic TEE, your fingerprint information isencrypted và securely protected, soany system, application, orany man will not beable tocopy, tomisappropriate information carrier ofwhich isonly you.

Works seamlessly inthe application

xuất hiện và work inapplications, play games, watch videos without any delay. This ispossible thanks tothe high-performance flagship Qualcomilimet Snaprồng 650 processor with 6cores, feel the pleasure ofaquiông xã và smooth implementation ofevery task. Dual Channel RAM, ahigh-performance graphics processor significantly increases the tốc độ ofthe điện thoại thông minh.


Qualcomm Snaprồng 650


Anew generation of64-bit chipset, incomparison with 32-bit can quickly perform more tasks. Built-in 6-core Cortex-A53 + Cortex-A72 allows you topersize complex operations, và thus ismore energy efficient.

PowerVR G6200

High-performance graphics processor

During the games onyour phone you will not have any problems with the image chất lượng, since Redngươi Note3 Pro isequipped with apowerful GPU PowerVR G6200. Get the full effect inthe shootout, Need for Speed ​​& other large 3Dgames.

Dual Channel RAM 2GB/ 3GB

This powerful processor requires faster RAM. Unlike RAM single channel, dual channel significantly increases the data rate.

16GB/ 32GB ROM

Your điện thoại thông minh must store afavorite music, pictures, games, etc. Depending onhow many files you want tostore onyour điện thoại thông minh, you can choose 16GB or32GB ROM with faster eMMC5.0.


Test speed

All gamers know that high speed response và nodelays are essential tothe successful gameplay. Redngươi Note3 Pro isequipped with ahigh-performance graphics processor that will help you experience alot ofpositive emotions from the battle inthe game.

High capathành phố battery

Long time without repeated charging

Your friend’s điện thoại thông minh has already run down, incontrast toyour phone. With the presence ofbattery 4000mAh you donot need tocarry aportable charger. Bythe end ofthe buổi tiệc ngọt other điện thoại thông minh has run out, & you will forget tothink about this problem. Redngươi Note3 Pro supports fast charging 5V/ 2A, một nửa battery charge just in1hour. Amaze your friends!

14hGPS-navigation32hPlay via speakers60hListening tomusic with headphones24h4Gstandby

Network Performance

Find new friends, tương tác with old friends, communicate with people from all over the world. Redmày Note3 Pro supports Dual Slặng, Dual Standby, China mobile & Đài Loan Trung Quốc Unicom 4Gphối và the updated WiFi module 802.11as, and has asmooth two-frequency network WiFi 2.4GHz/ 5GHz. Free connection tothe network inmore than 20000 public places, enjoy watching amovie inacoffe.

4GNetworkSupport for TDD-LTE FDD và LTE 4GDual Sim, Dual StandbyDual Micro-SIMDual-frequency WiFiWiFi tư vấn 802.11as

Enjoy listening toquality music

InRedmi Note3 Pro used two silicon microphones with noise reduction effect that summarizes audio information and “filtering” from its background noise, sowecan hear aclearer sound unique & speech. Atthe same time, Redngươi Note3 Pro has High Definition công nghệ, which significantly improves the sound quality.


Your remote control


Redngươi Note3 Pro has infrared for remote control, soitcan beconfidently called auniversal home remote control. Remote control ofsingle-lens reflex camera, TV, air conditioning, bạn, và other 10major appliances with remote control, support for more than 2000 brands ofequipment.

Stylish smartphone inyour hands

Metal case, the thickness ofwhich isonly 8.65milimet.

High capathành phố battery of4000mAh, & the weight ofthe entire smartphone is164g.


Love atfirst sight

Each person has their own tastes, but the aesthetic kiến thiết ofour điện thoại thông minh will not leave you indifferent. Light and pleasant tothe touch smartphone with metal casing, & capacious battery grants even greater sense ofsecurity, external aesthetics and reliable protection ofall important internal components. Inyour hands isRedmày Note3 Pro with metal housing & high capathành phố battery of4000mAh.

Isitdifficult? Ofcourse. Ifour engineers và designers did not achieve acompact và reasonable use ofevery millimeter ofspace, unlikely weight ofRedmày Note3 Pro would beamounted tojust 164g. This điện thoại thông minh has abeautiful color & ispleasant tothe touch. Therefore, wecan confidently affirm that Redmi Note3 Pro will beliked byyou. This isthe best option for young people.


High capađô thị battery

Everyone wanted tohave asmartphone with ahigh capađô thị battery, but noone wants tocarry around amassive sầu phone. Our engineers have sầu long puzzled over this question, because the goal was toincrease the battery capathành phố of1000mAh from previously presented smartphone. Asaresult, the weight ofRedmi Note3 Pro barely increased byafew grams, which has surprisedus.

How doweaccomplish that? First ofall, weused advanced battery công nghệ, energy intensity reaches to690Wh/ L, which entails aslight increase inthe volume ofthe battery, while the battery capacity becomes much greater. But increasing energy intensity isnot enough, because you also need tokhông tính phí upmore space. The corresponding position ofthe aluminum rear panel, with adepth of0.25milimet cutting grooves, provides areliable và compact high-capacity battery placement.

Weworked toimprove sầu every part ofthe body toàn thân ofthe smartphone. For example, using laser engraving giải pháp công nghệ LDS antenna. Asaresult, the utilization rate ofeach millimeter ofspace increased, compared with conventional antennas. But every spare millimeter ofspace implies anincrease inthe amount ofenergy và longer use ofyour smartphone. From nowon, the presence ofhigh-capathành phố batteries and ease, donot contradict each other. Because Redngươi Note3 Pro isvery light, thin & powerful!

Battery islocated cthua tothe rear panel Battery isinserted inthe rear panel

Metal case, pleasant tactile sensations

Welike properties ofthe metal, because itissolid, durable & inspires asense ofsafety attactile liên hệ. Note the gentle metallic shine ofRedmày lưu ý 3Pro, which isconstantly changing, depending onthe lighting. Our điện thoại thông minh will please you that much, you will not want tolet itoff your hands.


Semicircular shape— comfortable position inthe hand

Semicircular shape ofthe baông xã ofthe điện thoại thông minh not only looks very natural & aesthetically pleasing, but itispositioning comfortably inah&.

Seamless và solid case

During designing ofRedngươi Note 3Pro, weturn our attention toevery detail. Especially alot ofattention was paid tothe welding seams ofthe metal casing, for security ofwhich special processing technologies were used. Asaresult, nodefects, only aesthetics.

Each stunning design has its history ofcreating

One has only topiông chồng upRedmi chú ý 3Pro, và will immediately feel each technological process, which hewas subjectedto. Due the use ofhigh-precision sandblasting processing, smartphone has apleasant texture & delicate monochrome color và isvery nice tothe touch. Shine ofapanel indicates repeated, careful polishing. Improving every detail, every detail— all for anincredible tactile sensation.

Small details, big fun

Redmày Note3 Pro isrich indifferent parts: metal side buttons make asvào impression attactile tương tác with them. Camera location isonthe same cấp độ with the back panel ofthe điện thoại thông minh.132 holes toextract sound, and discreet, little support-foot, the kích cỡ of1mm, located inthe lower part. 1milimet support-foot isintended tocover the bachồng ofthe smartphone less wear, when you put itonany surface. Atthe same time itpromotes agood spread ofsound & the sound chất lượng from the speaker. Every detail ofsmartphone successfully completesit, & stands out among mỏi other gadgets.

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Aluminum Alloy Panel

Lightweight & reliability

For adurable và reliable inner frame Redngươi chú ý 3Pro, which isalso acarrier ofthe rear panel ofthe smartphone, weused analuminum alloy, which makes itnot only light, but also durable. Itiseven better protects internal components ofsmartphone from damages.

Attractive view ofthe front và back side ofsmartphone

Redmi Note3 Pro not only has 3kinds ofcolor for baông xã panels tochoose from, but also has 3types ofshades for the front ofthe điện thoại thông minh. Golden tint ofthe front and baông xã panel ofthe smartphone reminds ofaquiet & gentle autumn sunshine. Silver-white color very cchiến bại tothe color ofthe aluminum alloy itismore elegant, clean & gives very laconic view ofđiện thoại thông minh. Ifyou are calm and discreet person, you will suit adark gray color classic smartphone. St& out from the crowd with Redmày Note 3Pro.

Take awesome photos

Ifyou goonatrip, donot forget totake Redmày lưu ý 3Pro. 16Mp main camera with ahigh chất lượng graphics và professional technology focus atatốc độ of0.1sec. Now you will not miss asingle moment. Availability ofHDR giải pháp công nghệ và 12filter modes. Create your own aspecial exhibition ofphotographs.


AFgiải pháp công nghệ, ultra-high-tốc độ focusing 0.1s

Donot miss not one happy moment! Technology fast autofocus helps you tocapture every moment inyour life. This giải pháp công nghệ isdifferent from the conventional contrastAF, its speed reaches 0.1s. Man spends approximately 0.3s toblinks aneye, while Redmi Note3 Pro takes only 0.1s tomake agood shot.

Two-tone LEDflash, natural look ofdark shades

The major problem ofconventional monochromatic flashes, unlượt thích atwo-ton LED flash isthat they can not recreate the natural light. Asaresult, the color photos ofour face acquired anexplicit unnatural tint. Redmi Note3 Pro has atwo-tone flash, instead ofthe previous cold light now flash produces awarm tone that isvery similar tosunlight. Your photos will become more natural & attractive.

Ifyou have sầu Redmi lưu ý 3Pro, you will certainly like totake pictures with the flash.


màu sắc Calibration & HDR

Doprofessional photographers have secrets? Ofcourse, one ofthem isHDR. Photographing innature, against the xanh sky, azure water ormajestic mountains, there isastrong likelihood that the foreground image isvery shaded. Enable HDR, press the shutter button và the camera will automatically take three pictures, which will ultimately come inkhổng lồ one. Asaresult, the phokhổng lồ will bederived advantages ofall three shots và will befilled with all the little things. Saturated color ofablue sky, every shape ofgrass, every millimeter ofpictures will bebright và colorful.

12mode filters

xuất hiện the camera interface, enter filters & choose the one you lượt thích the most, take your phokhổng lồ creativity. Use the blaông chồng and white filter tocreate the effect ofanold phokhổng lồ, blur filter gives acertain mysticism & mysteries, và many others. Make every picture special & unique.


Further processing ofimagesWant tochia sẻ aphoto, but still remains the fact that you are not completely satisfied, then you need toremove itusing editing functions. You can change not only the angular degree ofimage, edit orcut photo, but use nine different photo filters. Adjust the saturation, brightness và contrast, create special photographs.


Make asmall video

Support of1080p, slow-motion video

You donot want tobelimited toone photo? You can use Redmày Note3 Pro torecord video format 1080p, which would benodifferent from the Full HDClip. You can also record video clip deceleration/ acceleration shooting. For example, use the acceleration mode shooting torecord clouds, orslow-motion mode tocapture how the ball rolls into lớn the pocket. Create ađoạn Clip with vivid memories that you can share with friends.

36modes ofimage editing

You are prettier than you think

Thanks toimage editing mode, nolonger need for special decorating photos. Look atyourself inthe frame viewfinder, và ifyou are satisfied, press the shutter button. Create bright selfie!

Amazing isthe distinguishing feature ofgender and age. Piông xã the angle atwhich you look the best & younger, và press the shutter button. This function can also make automatic regulation, according toyour age và gender. Awide choice ofphokhổng lồ filters, convenient timing function making collective sầu photos even easier.


Use the front camera, toenjoy Video Gọi with afriover. There isnoopportunity tocongratulate your friend onhis birthday inperson, make ađoạn Clip hotline và congratulate hlặng. Use this feature tocommunicate with parents, let them see how you have changed.

Good visibility ofthe screen even under sunlight

5.5 inch screen Full HDoptical screen

Comfortable viewing! Surely your first impression ofRedmi Note3 Pro will bevery enjoyable and inthe future itwill only increase. điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh changes the contrast, depending onthe general surrounding inwhich itislocated, and you can more accurately adjust the brightness setting.


Smart Technology “solar optical screen” isable toprovide high-definition images onascreen. You can also decrease the brightness ofthe screen, ifitblinds your eyes. Ifyou love toread, mode “eye protection” will help toprsự kiện the rapid eye fatigue, the cause ofwhich isaxanh screen, not tomention the fact that the screen with aresolution of1080p ismore convenient for reading books.

Technology toprotect from the sun

Excellent screen visibility even inbright sunlight

Read abook while lying onadechồng chair onthe sea coast, walk around under the warm và bright sun, because you nolonger have any problems with the visibility ofthe screen contents inRedngươi cảnh báo 3Pro. Technology “solar shield” isable toautomatically adjust the contrast ofthe display according tothe weather. This achieves anexcellent display chất lượng. You nolonger have tocover the screen from sunlight, since you donot run inlớn the problem ofpoor visibility ofthe screen.


Technology ofoptical screen inthe dark

Comfortable và pleasant brightness inthe dark

Before going tobed, each looks tohis điện thoại. Therefore, when you watch amovie before going tosleep, thanks tothe giải pháp công nghệ ofthe optical screen inthe dark, the brightness ofthe display issignificantly reduced, itwill become more pleasant và soft. Itmay remind apleasant backlight ofiPhone6s, the screen will have sầu agentle moonlight, & you will nolonger have cutting feelings ineyes.

Eye protection mode

For those who like toread

Reading enriches you. Every time you start toread the book with the help ofRedmi cảnh báo 3Pro, donot forget toturn onthe eye protection. This mode reduces the blueness ofthe screen & gives ayellowish lighting, which toacertain extent similar tothe color ofpages ofthe book, aswell asprevents asthenopia (eye fatigue).

Improved sleep, prevention ofasthenopia

Blue lighting effect onrelease ofmelatonin inthe human body toàn thân. Blue lighting can becompared tosunlight, prolonged exposure towhich gives anadverse effect onyour vision. This giải pháp công nghệ reduces the xanh screen, facilitates amore better and healthy sleep & reduces eye fatigue.


Full HDscreen

Excellent visibility & clarity

Redngươi Note3 Pro has not only advanced technologies, but also has aclear & high-unique screen. Our smartphone has 1080p Full HDscreen with aresolution of1920 × 1080 403ppi và high quality graphics. Viewing angle of178°, soeverything that isonthe screen you can clearly see. While watching amovie oraClip with friends, even ifyou look from the side, one can see aclear & bright image onthe screen.

Transmittance iseven higher

Protective glass, touch sensor and the screen itself are one piece. Reduced amount ofair between all the components prevents from refraction oflight beams & affects the image quality ofthe screen. Asaresult, colors become even clearer & richer.

Wide viewing angle of178°

Viewing angle ofRedmày Note3 Pro has become much broader and reaches 178°, soeverything that isonthe screen, you can clearly see. While watching amovie orđoạn phim, even ifyou look from the side, you will still beable tosee aclear image onthe screen.



Enough with the monotony, give sầu way tonew ideas và new design

You lượt thích Redmày Note3 Pro for its combination ofbeautiful appearance & high-over internal components. The new system offers even more interesting and stylish interface for the perfect thiết kế ofthe smartphone. Improved specifications ofMIUI 7are making Redmi Note3 Pro faster, the response rate has increased byasmuch as30%, while điện thoại thông minh saves even more power. You will also find awide range ofdifferent applications, interesting nội dung, pictures, đoạn Clip games & much more.


5different beautiful interfaces

StandardFor girlsFor guys“Goddess”Extravagance

Ifyou lượt thích interface ofMIUI, then you have sầu another reason torejoice. Inaddition tothe mặc định interface inthe updated version ofMIUI 7tothe standard interface also added four superb themes: “goddess”, “for girls”, “for guys”, “extravagance”. Each interface has its particularity, suchas: selecting the interface “for girls”, which isfull ofpink color, will match the fashion trends and inspire you tonew achievements. You can also enter settings interface và select apicture ofaskirt and fashionable bag for background wallpaper. You can also make certain settings inother interfaces, according toyour taste. Everyone will find something that fits his personality.


Avariety oftopics

Highlight yourself from the crowd

Thanks tothe MIUI, your điện thoại thông minh has also received abig “clophối.” mở cửa MIUI theme Store và choose what you like the most.

Updated wide range ofthemes, they are not only very beautiful, but also quite real, “alive”. You can even select the image ofmini-games for the lochồng screen, orset the stock information. Find alicensed theme “Hello Kitty”. Flowering branches orjade tree, the choice isuptoyou.

37trăng tròn designers, 15790 themes


Optimization ofresponse rate

Increasing the tốc độ ofresponse of30%, 1second toopen the application

Another acceleration offlagship Redngươi lưu ý 3Pro, how many more steps wecan expect inacceleration? Test the updated system MIUI 7. Based onthe basic optimization ofthe system, when you open the application, instead ofthe standard three systems are now operating two that allows you toinstantly open applications, & increase the response time by30%. The system also determines which application needs ahigher tốc độ, and automatically activates & increases the efficiency ofthe processor, resulting inafaster work ofRedngươi cảnh báo 3Pro.

Optimization ofPower

Duration ofbattery usage onmore than 25%

More than 3hours each day

Previously, wethought wehardly have time todosomething onyour phone, itisalready ran out. This isdue tothe standby mode, applications, background, for example, anavigator, GPS, data applications— all these have sầu apart ininappropriate power consumption ofđiện thoại thông minh.Indeveloping system MIUI7, wehave sầu taken avery serious attention tothe issue ofirrational consumption ofpower and established aspecific system toconserve sầu power for more than 500 key applications. Thus, weavoid wasteful power inđiện thoại thông minh. Asaresult, increased duration ofuse ofthe battery by25%, which can equate tothree hours every day.


nguồn saving policy for applications

Wehave sầu paid much attention tothe issue ofirrational consumption ofpower và established aspecific system toconserve power for more than 500 key applications: Limit the unnecessary use ofWiFi, data network & geo-location service (positioning).

Automatic reduction ofpower consumption when connected

Inthe absence ofdata transmission, power consumption for connection ofđiện thoại thông minh tothe base station isreduced automatically.

Improved version of“awakening smartphone”

Applications instandby mode are automatically switched toenergy saving.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi incafes & airports

Enjoy không tính tiền mạng internet, wherever you are. Now there isanopportunity ofkhông lấy phí connection tothe network inpublic places, restaurants, cafes, airports, railway stations và 80000 other frequented places. Every month more than 10million people use không tính tiền WiFi. This will help you save alot ofyour traffic.


Album offaces

Smart distribution offaces

Amuốn the huge number ofpictures itisvery difficult tofind aparticular picture. The system uses MIUI fantastic way ofclassifying individuals. For this function used advanced identification technologies, whereby pictures are classified byfaces. You can create aphoto lớn album ofyour child, ability todistinguish between cats and dogs, soifyou want tofind apicture ofsomeone inparticular, itisnecessary only topress his avatar và you will see all the relevant photos.

Large Font

Not just big enough, but elegant

Isthere any difficulty toincrease the fonts size? Itwould seem not, but asaresult weget chaotic, incomprehensible text that isdifficult toread. MIUI System 7has several modes ofthe font for each ofthem tokeep adistance between words và line spacing sothat the content was easy toread & tounderstvà. Ifthe font isnot big enough for you, you can choose alarger font “Big Mac”.