The Xiaomày Mijia Smart 720P. WiFi IP Camera Pan-Tilt version offers a 360 degree view thanks to its integrated motor. The data is transmitted via Wi-Fi to smartphones & tablets. Easy control via Mi Home phầm mềm. Infrared sensor and motion detection.

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1 year guarantee |không tính tiền EU power adapter |all devices are checked before shipping |only originals - no fakes | play store pre-installed | fast and cheap shipping | secure payment

1 year guarantee |không lấy phí EU power adapter |all devices are checked before shipping |only originals - no fakes
Xiaomày Mijia Smart 720Phường. WiFi IP Camera Pan-Tilt Version

Surveillance In a simple manner. With the Xiaomi Mijia Smart 720Phường. WiFi IPhường Camera Pan-Tilt Version, you can monitor your trang chính và vày not even have to make a big investment. The smart camera of the Chinese manufacturer is available at a budget price và is surprisingly well equipped. The handling of the Mi trang chủ App is also very easy. Do the test yourself!


Combinable with Smart trang chủ by Xiaomi

The Xiaomày Mijia Smart 720P.. WiFi IP Camera Pan-Tilt Version can be connected khổng lồ the manufacturer"s Smart Home System. For this purpose, just like other devices, the Mi trang chủ App is used. These can be used khổng lồ integrate the camera into lớn the existing system within a few seconds. The control is also kept simple. After just a few minutes you will be able to lớn master the basic functions of the camera. The Mi trang chủ tiện ích is available for miễn phí for both Android & Apple iOS.


Goodbye lớn Data cable!

The IP camera is equipped with a WLAN module, therefore, it does not have to connect with the annoying cables to the router. In addition, live images can be transferred directly to your tablet or điện thoại thông minh. Furthermore, the smart gadget is so perfectly equipped for the task as a surveillance camera. If the built-in motion detector is on, you will be informed immediately & can see directly on the right. The infrared sensor makes it easy khổng lồ recognize objects & people even in the dark.


Everything in sight

The Xiaongươi Mijia smart 720p wifi ip Camera pan-tilt version is equipped with a particularly wide field of view. The integrated motor allows the camera khổng lồ be swiveled as desired. Thus a 360 degree monitoring is possible. Since the camera is equipped with an infrared sensor, even at night, objects & persons can be detected at a distance of up to lớn nine meters. With resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, faces can be clearly identified

Xiaomi Mijia Smart 720Phường WiFi IPhường Camera Pan-Tilt Version

Surveillance In a simple manner. With the Xiaongươi Mijia Smart 720Phường WiFi IPhường Camera Pan-Tilt Version, you can monitor your trang chủ và vị not even have sầu to make a big investment. The smart camera of the Chinese manufacturer is available at a budget price and is surprisingly well equipped. The handling of the Mi trang chủ App is also very easy. Do the chạy thử yourself!


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QUESTIONS ABOUT ORDER / SHIPPING / CUSTOMSAre there any customs duties on import?

For customers in Europe, there is no customs charges on smartphones, tablets or smaller gadgets in most countries. However, customers in Europe are required to lớn pay import VAT, which may be charged by the respective sầu country on the ordered tòa tháp. As a rule, the import VAT (for example, 19% in Germany) is paid by DHL Express / postal service. Should there be complications in customs clearance or if the fee you pay is too high, you can tương tác us at any time và we will help you with the processing. The import VAT is calculated from the declaration value (purchase price) + shipping costs. NOTE! We also offer shipping methods where no customs fees and no import VAT are incurred. These include Global Priority. However, these are not available with every order, as these shipping methods are based on the sender’s country và the goods. An option khổng lồ save costs is Global Priority.

What does shipping in 3-5 Days mean?

Like many other China Shops, we vì not have sầu a large stoông xã, due lớn often price fluctuate in Trung Quốc. "Shipping in 3-5 days" means nothing else than lớn have the device in stoông xã, or within a maximum of 5 days. It is then packaged and shipped.

How long does it take before the package gets lớn me?

The shipping process varies and is only conditionally influenced by us or the buyer. At best, between 3-7 days và in the worst case, about 2-3 weeks. The rule is 1-3 days for the order và then 3-4 days for shipping with DHL Express. Of course it can happen that the custom delays it, but for DHL Express, it is usually within 7 days before it gets lớn you.

Is absence of CE mark a problem during import?

No, the European CE mark, as we know it, is not a "verification" seal, but an administrative sầu symbol which expresses the freedom lớn market such marked industrial products in the European internal market. If you want khổng lồ sell the goods as a trader, this sign is important khổng lồ you. However, if you are a private individual, the CE mark is not important lớn you & should not hinder importation. We even guarantee that every device from us comes with the CE mark, if this is not the case, we will refund you the full costs.

Is the device checked before departure?

Yes, we take extra time and kiểm tra all the features & the hardware. This includes camera, GPS, sensors, display, charging tests as well as an evaluation of external defects. If a new firmware is available for the device, we will install it. In the case of errors, an exchange will be carried out before shipment & a new functional device will be sent to lớn the customer. We guarantee that our customers receive only faultless devices. If you bởi vì not agree khổng lồ these tests, please let us know when ordering. Please keep in mind, however, that under certain circumstances - but in the rarest cases - due to the tests, images can remain on the device.

Will I receive sầu an invoice?

Yes. As soon as you have paid, the invoice will available to lớn you via the customer area. You can download & print them at any time. If there are any problems with customs, please do not hesitate to liên hệ us.

Will my data be treated confidentially when placing an order?

We will treat your data confidentially. All orders are sent via an SSL-encrypted page. All passwords are encrypted in the database. Your data will not be passed on to third parties và will not be used by third parties for advertisement.

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Is there a 14-day cancellation period?

Yes we offer a cancellation period, but be aware you have to pay the return costs, which can be quite expansive sầu. We have a lot of Review from known Youtubers / Blogs, which try to lớn insize you about every hàng hóa. Please insize yourself about the device before purchase lớn avoid misunderstandings.

How can I cancel my order?

As long as the package is not shipped and paid for, you can cancel your order at any time. Simply liên hệ us through the contact size on our trang web. Please enter the order number in the subject line.

QUESTIONS ABOUT WARRANTY AND REPAIRDefective Device on arrival, what’s next?

If the device is already defective sầu, please tương tác us immediately. We chạy thử all devices for functionality, but in rare cases it can happen that the goods are damaged during transport. In this case, you will receive sầu a new device không lấy phí of charge and we will accept the shipping costs for the replacement and return delivery.

How vì I proceed when my device is broken?

First, keep calm. Please liên hệ us by e-mail, preferably the customer area in our cửa hàng. We will go through the errors, because, often, small software errors can be solved very easily with an update. If it is really a hardware fault, you can then make a warranty clayên ổn. You will receive sầu further instructions from us. In addition to lớn the không lấy phí shipping of your device to China và the free return, we also offer the possibility lớn use our repair partner in Germany, Austria, Switzerlvà or Pol& for minor errors. This is much faster & completely không lấy phí for you during the warranty period.

How long does a warranty or repair case take?

The duration of a repair depends on various factors, including the shipping time to Trung Quốc or the availability of spare parts in Germany with our repair partner. Repair in Germany: This is possible if the spare parts are quickly available. Once you place a warranty or repair request, send the device khổng lồ our repair partner và it should be back to lớn you within a week. In the case of a warranty, we will assume the full costs, in the case of a repair order outside the warranty, you will pay less to lớn our repair partner. Repair in China: Should the fault not be repairable in Germany, the device must be taken lớn China. Do not worry, we will take shipment khổng lồ China và back again. In the warranty period the repair is completely không tính phí of charge for you, for repairs outside the warranty period, we’ll charge a small fee. Usually, a repair in Đài Loan Trung Quốc takes 3-6 weeks, but don’t worry, you vì chưng not have sầu lớn completely stay without a điện thoại thông minh. We offer each customer the opportunity to lớn send a loan-unit for the period of repair. This service is also không tính tiền of charge.

Will I thua thảm the warranty by flashing?

That depends on the update. If it is an official update, you can install it. If you vì not know how lớn vày this, you can contact us at any time. However, if you try to install a Custom ROM or root the device (except devices that are already rooted, such as Xiaongươi devices), it is very possible that the manufacturer denied the warranty. This must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

QUESTIONS ABOUT SOFTWARE / UPDATES / MISCELLANEOUSOther shops have sầu the device with Multilanguage, why don’t you?

Many other shops use Custom ROMs và can also offer German and other languages on the devices. The problem with such ROMs is that you can no longer update & it can often happen that there are Trojans, Spam Ware or viruses on it. We avoid this by using only the official ROMs, even if that means that we can only offer a device with English / Chinese. Many customers come lớn us and ask us if we can flash their devices, where we unfortunately have lớn reject. The Custom ROMs have been installed by detours and often prsự kiện a normal update or flash.

Does the device have a manual?

Most Chinese manufacturers only provide a Chinese short guide, but even renowned manufacturers such as Motorola or Apple vì not have sầu complete instructions nowadays. It is generally assumed that you can explore the system yourself, With MIUI or emotion UI you can easily find your way, because both Android manual are quite self-explanatory.

What are dual SIM smartphones?

Dual SIM means that you can insert two SIM cards into a mobile phone. You can use two SIM cards, also from different providers. Thus, for example, you can combine a low-cost data tariff và a low-cost telephone tariff, or use foreign cards if necessary.

Do the smartphones work in Europe without problems?

All smartphones and tablets, which offer thiết bị di động Internet và telephone calls, work in Germany & Co. without problems. We also offer only devices that work without problems in the European countries & the rest of the world. Although there are Trung Quốc điện thoại versions, these are not offered by us.

What about updates with Trung Quốc Smartphones?

This is mostly due khổng lồ the popularity và kích cỡ of the manufacturer. Meizu or Xiaomày device regularly get an update than a completely new and small manufacturer. In our sản phẩm selection, we ensure that we only offer high-chất lượng devices that are regularly updated with updates. Xiaomi devices often get weekly updates & can quickly adapt the latest Android version. Also Meizu, Huawei, OnePlus, Realme or Oppo and Vivo offer the latest updates very quickly. These can then be installed via OTA (Over The Air), or must be downloaded & then installed with the Updater tiện ích.

How good is the chất lượng of Đài Loan Trung Quốc Smartphones / Tablets / Gadgets?

This is very different. We have sầu set our goal to lớn only offer high quality devices. We want to avoid mistakes that frustrate customers. Đài Loan Trung Quốc giải pháp công nghệ has improved considerably over the last few years và heard, as can be seen from the example of Xiaomi, khổng lồ the best of what is currently available.

Trojans or Spam Ware on Xiaongươi devices?

NO, definitely not with us. We pay cthua trận attention to lớn the quality of the devices offered by us. With us, each device is checked for errors & installed with the new & current official ROMS. We use the latest official Xiaomày ROMS or Xiaomày.eu ROMS. There are no Trojans, viruses or other malicious software on it. Many other shops use Custom ROMs and can also offer German và other languages on the devices. The problem with such ROMs is that you can no longer update and it can often happen that there are Trojans, Spam Ware or viruses on it. We avoid this by using only the official ROMs, even if it means that we can only offer a device with English / Chinese. As also mentioned in the ComputerBild article here, we are called one of the few trustworthy shops.