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Xiaomày 11T Pro
Xiaongươi 11T
Xiaonghienxiaomi.com 11 Lite 5G NE
nghienxiaomi.com 11 Ultra

immersive sầu Full Screen Display

Bigger than ever before, the 18:9 Full Screen Display truly captivates. As soon as you turn on the screen, every pixel leaps out in full color khổng lồ paint a true-to-life picture.

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Easy one-hand use

Not only have we put a 6.9" Full Screen Display on a phone body that would traditionally cap at 6.3", we even gave sầu it a kiến thiết so lightweight & ergononghienxiaomi.comc—including curved edges and an ultra-thin all metal unibody—that anyone can use the nghienxiaomi.com Max 3 with just one hvà.

Supports charging your other devices*

17 hoursđoạn Clip playbaông chồng 10 hourscontinuous gameplay 233 hoursmusic playbaông xã 474 hoursstandby time

AI Dual Camera

Behind the big screen lies an expert photographer. The ultra-sensitive dual camera has newlyupdated AI capabilities, featuring flagship 1.4μm pixels for stunning nightscape shots & Dual Pixel Autofocus so that shots focus rapidly even in dimly-lit environments.

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12MP+5MPProfessional background blurring Dual Pixel AutofocusRapid focus in low-light 1.4μm large pixelsNighttime shots are brighter AI scene detection*Detects 25 distinct scenes 8MPhường front cameraAI Beautify + Selfie-light AI face unlock*Instant unlocking

*Note: The AI scene detection will not be available out-of-the-box, và will be provided via OTA. Please refer to lớn the official nghienxiaomi.comUI trang web (www.nghienxiaomi.comui.com) for future releases of this feature.*Note: AI face unloông chồng feature is only available for phones sold in certain regions. Consult the system settings khổng lồ check for support.

40% improved performance*

The Snapdragon™ 636 octa-core processor combines high performance và low power consumption. With 40% improved CPU & graphical performance over its predecessor,* ganghienxiaomi.comng is smoother và lasts longer.

*Compared lớn Snapdragon™ 630

14nm FinFET Octa-core Kyro™ architecture Adreno™ 509

Stereo sound effect

Pichồng up the nghienxiaomi.com Max 3 và let the layers of sound surround you.The stereo effect allows you to step right into your music or movie.

Bigger is better

Why choose a bigger screen? Because it gives you a better view. All those easy-to-nghienxiaomi.comss details are now in clear sight.


See every detail when shopping onlineEasily compare prices with split screen mode


Read faster & easierReading mode prevents tired eyes


Handle large spreadsheets from your phonenghienxiaomi.comcrosoft Office comes pre-installed


Bring pictures and videos to lifeSwitch apps & keep watching


Big screen,endless possibilities

Split screen mode

Watch videos while texting


Switch apps and continue watching

Giant text

Increase text kích thước for easy reading

One-handed mode

Optinghienxiaomi.comzed for single hand use

* This feature is only supported for certain applications

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