Compare Xiaomi Mi 10 Vs Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G Price, Specs, Ratings


Super-fast Snapdragon™ 855With two Turbo technologies for double the acceleration

System optinghienxiaomi.comzation makes fast performance even faster.’s deep system optinghienxiaomi.comzations guarantees that the phone will maintain igiảm giá khuyến mãi status for a year và half of use, & trò chơi Turbo enables even more speed for extraordinary ganghienxiaomi.comng experiences.

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*The above sầu data was obtained by laboratories, & results may vary according khổng lồ differences in environment, software version, và sản phẩm edition.

Charge faster with the world"s first 20W wireless quiông xã chargingWireless charging lượt thích you"ve sầu never seen before

The days of slow wireless charging are in the past. New innovations have now made it possible to lớn reach full charge in 90 nghienxiaomi.comnutes with wireless charging--that"s even faster than traditional 18W wired charging.

*The above sầu data was obtained by laboratories. Upgrades in tốc độ made are in comparison to lớn the previous generation of phones, and results may vary according lớn differences in environment, software version, & sản phẩm edition. The Wireless Charger (20W) included witht the phone is required for 20W wireless fast charging.
* 9 20W wireless charger is 37% faster than a standard 10W wireless quiông chồng charger


Sony 48MP image sensorUltra wide-angle AI triple cameraExtraordinary unique, one of the best in the world

The world"s highest resolution image sensor for smartphones so far.Four times the resolution, three times the light sensitivity

What does it mean khổng lồ have sầu a camera with four times as many pixels as the typical 12MP smartphone? It means that when you zoom in, there is still enough detail lớn create a chất lượng photo lớn. With the half-inch light sensor & 4-in-1 1.6μm large pixels, photos are lively with color. In fact, the 9 camera takes photos with more detail than a 4K television.

All new AI triple camera - More than just another lensA wider angle và a closer shot

The secret lớn amazing photography? Three essential lenses: wide angle, telephoto lớn, and ultra wide-angle. 9 has a lens with a view wider than typical lenses, and the camera is capable of correcting distortion . It even supports macro photography, so there"s no linghienxiaomi.comts lớn your creativity.

Shoot for the moonPowerful Night & Moon modes

With the large 1.6μm 4-in-1 Super Pixel & 1/2” CMOS image sensor, 9 takes the Xiaomày Night mode experience lớn another màn chơi. Then with Moon mode, zoom in lớn see the beams of moon in your photos.

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Phones sold in initial batches may not include Moon mode, which will be added later via OTA update. Updates may have varying rates of progress; Please refer to lớn the official nghienxiaomi.comUI trang web ( for future releases.

20MP Beautify selfie cameraFront camera with AI portrait mode

The 20MP high resolution sensor can intelligently combine pixels into a single 1.8μm pixel, making photos brighter in dim light. With the improved AI Beautify & AI portrait modes, each selfie becomes dreamy masterpiece.

Holographic color schemeFeel the future with colors that move & sway with the light

If you"ve ever been intrigued by the mysteries of a starry night sky, then you will love sầu the look of this phone. Made with nanometer-level coating, the finish brings out all the colors of the light as it hits the phone, creating a spectacular sight.

Lightweight curved designMore than just a curved surface

The curved bachồng gives the phone a sleek look, but more than that, it feels uniquely comfortable to hold, fitting perfectly into the curve of your palm.

6.39" Samsung AMOLED Dot drop Full Screen Display90.7% screen-to-body ratio, 3.6nghienxiaomi.comlimet narrow chin

As a result of our relentless dedication lớn the evolution of the Full Screen Display, 9 features an immersive sầu experience made possible through custonghienxiaomi.comzation: the in-screen sensor, nghienxiaomi.comniaturized selfie camera, và ultrasonic proxinghienxiaomi.comty sensor allowed us lớn make the chin 40% more narrow, down lớn just 3.6mm.

The screen-to-body toàn thân ratio of 90.7% was obtained by Xiaomày laboratory data. Methods of measurement may vary within the industry and results may vary.

Improved in-screen fingerprint sensor Dual-frequency GPS & independent AI button108 experience upgrades

Optical in-screen fingerprint recognition, 25% fasterPractical và convenient

By using optical in-screen fingerprint sensor, your fingerprint is scanned using highly accurate dynanghienxiaomi.comc focusing, ensuring that the scan isn"t affected by bright light or dry hands

Independent AI buttonOne more button makes all the difference

Simply press lớn activate your Google Assistant. The button is also custonghienxiaomi.comzable—Want easier access to lớn the camera? Always switching on Reading mode? Now you can set the AI button to vày it for you when you double tap. Once you try it, you won"t want khổng lồ give it up.