More charges on the go!

The high-capathành phố 20000mAh power ngân hàng offers more charges on the go and does it way faster, all thanks to single-port Quick Charge 3.0 support. 20000mAh nghienxiaomi.com nguồn Bank 2C supports dual USB output without compronghienxiaomi.comsing on the size và performance. Now, you can charge 2 devices simultaneously or extend your power with others in need. The power bank is designed to lớn charge smartphones and tablets several times over.

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Dual USB output

supports single port Quiông chồng Charge 3.0

The all-new 20000mAh nghienxiaomi.com Power Bank 2C is compatible with a wide range of devices and intelligently adjusts power output to lớn match device’s requirement. When you charge 2 devices simultaneously, you can expect 5.1V/ 3.6A dual output. Need to lớn charge your device quickly? 20000mAh nghienxiaomi.com nguồn Bank 2C also supports Quichồng Charge 3.0 when you are charging using a single port.

5.1V / 3.6A USB x 2 Intelligently adjusts power output Compatible with a wide range of devices

Materials & Manufacturing

High on performance, elegant design

Built with quality from start lớn finish. Overall quality improvements and superior hand feel are achieved with the usage of high chất lượng, environment friendly PC + ABS material. The perforated exterior provides a scratch-resistant, comfortable & slip-resistant hold. The all-new 20000mAh nghienxiaomi.com Power nguồn Bank 2C is a demonstration of elegant utility.



Massive improvement on charge và discharge efficiency

Using advanced battery technologies from ATL và Lishen, the new-generation nguồn Bank is both, light & high on performance. Weighing merely 358 g, you can carry the 20000mAh nghienxiaomi.com Power Bank 2c anywhere without adding extra bulk.

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Double press for low power charging

Safely charge low power devices such as bluetooth headsets và fitness bands. Simply double press the power button to lớn enter 2-hour low power charging.

nghienxiaomi.com công nghệ Bluetooth không dây Headset0.06A nghienxiaomi.com Band0.025A

*These measurements were achieved in a lab. Actual results may vary based on individual conditions.

High-chất lượng circuit boards improve sầu safety

Experience improved safety, conversion rate & stablised charge & discharge efficiencies with high-chất lượng circuit boards.9-layer circuit protection enhances safety and efficiency for both, charge & discharge.

Temperature protection

Heat resistance và control mechanisms ensure battery safety.

Short circuit protection

In the unlikely sự kiện of a short circuit, the device automatically force stops to lớn prevent battery & device damage.

Reset protection

Restore function with the press of a button if protection triggers.

Input overvoltage protection

OVP.. prevents damage caused by excessive inbound voltage.

Incorrect insertion protection

Automatically stops charging if the charger is incorrectly connected.

Output đầu ra overcurrent protection

Monitors outbound voltage in real time and automatically turns off if linghienxiaomi.comts are exceeded.

đầu ra overvoltage protection

Monitors outbound voltage in real time & automatically turns off if linghienxiaomi.comts are exceeded.

Overcharge and over-discharge prevention

Dedicated mechanisms prevent dangerous overcharging and over-discharging.

Hardware-level short-circuit protection

Hardware-cấp độ protection automatically force stops to lớn prsự kiện battery và device damage.