In order to install modified software onto lớn your Xiaomày Redmi lưu ý 5 Pro, you will need to unloông xã the bootloader so you’ll need to lớn follow this tutorial.

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Toward the over of last week I created a separate tutorial that showed you how to request permission to lớn unloông chồng the bootloader of your Xiaomi device. This is only required if you haven’t unlocked a bootloader of one of their products in the past. So, for example, this is the third Xiaomày smartphone I’ve sầu created tutorials for so I was able to lớn skip the entire process of requesting permission.

That means I was able to lớn start unlocking the bootloader of my Redmày Note 5 Pro from Đài Loan Trung Quốc by simply following the steps below.

But again, if this is the first Xiaomi device that you’re unlocking the bootloader for (the official way), you will need lớn follow step 1 of the tutorial down below. This is actually quite interesting because it means that people who have sầu previously purchased their Xiaomi device could unloông xã their device in a matter of minutes. While being compared lớn those who are unlocking their first Xiaomi bootloader who will have sầu khổng lồ wait 3, 4, 5 or even 6+ days to receive sầu approval from Xiaomi.

Redngươi chú ý 5 Bootloader Unlock Tutorial

Clichồng the Unloông chồng Now button in the middleAnd sign into lớn your Mi accountMake sure you’re signed into you’re Mi trương mục on the Redmi chú ý 5Download the Mi Unlock Tool directly from the Xiaomày Mi device unloông chồng pageExtract the ZIPhường tệp tin anywhere on your computerDouble cliông chồng the MiFlash_Unlock EXE tệp tin to lớn start the programAgree to the terms of serviceConnect the Redmi Note 5 khổng lồ the PC with a USB cableWait for the Phone Connected message in the Windows programClichồng the Unloông xã button at the bottomWait for the countdown và then cliông xã the Unlochồng Anyway button lớn confirm (twice)Wait for the Mi Unloông chồng Tool khổng lồ verify everything, unlochồng the device, và then reboot the Redmày chú ý 5Disconnect the USB cable when the Mi Unlochồng Tool says Unlocked SuccessfullyWait for the Redngươi Note 5 khổng lồ boot baông chồng inlớn Android và then activate MIUI again with your Mi account

Note – You may need to lớn refer to steps #10 through #13 of this tutorial to lớn make sure your device is attached to lớn your account for the unlochồng lớn work.

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As I mentioned earlier, just looking at all of these steps can seem daunting if you have never done it before. This is especially true when you consider the process only takes a handful of steps for other devices. Most of this is just getting signed into lớn the proper account, downloading the tool directly from Xiaongươi (I don’t recommover trusting other tải về link from people you don’t know) & then starting the unlock process. So to vì chưng that we start by visiting the device unloông chồng page and then signing inlớn your Mi tài khoản.

Once that is done you will then be given a tải về liên kết for the Mi Unlock Tool & this is what we want to download. It will download as a ZIP. file and we want khổng lồ extract the contents of this tệp tin inlớn a folder on the computer. It doesn’t really matter where it is, just make sure all of the files included in this ZIPhường file are in the same folder. With that done, look for the MiFlash_Unloông xã EXE file & double clichồng it to lớn start the Mi Unlochồng Tool. You’ll be asked lớn agree khổng lồ Xiaomi’s terms of service before you can proceed.

You can find the Xiaongươi Mi Unloông xã Tool download link all across the Android community but it’s recommended that you grab it from Xiaomày as it’s official và updated to lớn the lademo version.

You will then want lớn connect a USB cable from the PC to lớn the Redngươi chú ý 5, Redngươi Note 5 Pro, or the Redmi chú ý 5 Plus before you go through the steps lớn boot it into lớn Fastboot Mode. Once you are in Fastboot Mode and have the cable connected you should see the Mi Unlochồng Tool display a Phone Connected message at the top. Now we just want to click the Unlochồng button toward the bottom và then cliông xã the Unloông chồng Anywhere button twice after waiting for a few seconds through Xiaomi’s warning messages.

That’s all there is to it as you should see the Mi Unloông xã Tool begin to verify your smartphone & its software, start the Redmi lưu ý 5 bootloader unloông chồng process, và then display a green Unlock Successful message when it completes. If you get an error here then you either missed one of the steps here (possibly not connecting your Mi account lớn the phone, or having location services disabled), or you may not have received permission from Xiaomi lớn unloông chồng the device yet.