How To Unlock Bootloader Of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

If you need to know about How to lớn Unloông chồng Bootloader of Redngươi Note 3 Without Permission from Xiaomi or How to Unloông xã Bootloader of Redmày Note 3 without using Mi Flash Unloông chồng Tool then this guide will be pretty helpful khổng lồ you.

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We have already shared the traditional way to unloông xã bootloader of Redmày lưu ý 3. My suggestion is to try that method first if you are unable khổng lồ unlock bootloader by this method then you can try this method.

Because you’re going to lớn the loss you data in this method. So make sure lớn take backup of your original data khổng lồ avoid data loss.


Now, Coming baông chồng lớn Xiaomi Redmày chú ý 3 it is the best budget killer phone from Xiaomi. The Metallic finish and MIUI System gives us the comfortable feeling. It is from one of the most selling devices from Xiaomày. It comes with impressive spec và Performance of the device is extraordinary.

They have launched this phone in two variants in Snapdragon(SD) và Mediatek(MTK). So, Make sure that you are using Snapdragon version of redngươi note 3 because this tutorial is only for this device.

The official way of unlocking bootloader is you have sầu khổng lồ apply for Unlocking Request to Xiaomày with proper & acceptable reason & After getting Approval you need to lớn unloông xã it by using Mi Flash Unlochồng Tool. Usually, This takes more than 1-2 Weeks, and sometimes they didn’t approve your request for unlocking the bootloader.

So, here is the simple step by step guide khổng lồ Unlock Redmày lưu ý 3 Bootloader without Permission.

Table of Contents

Points to Remember:

This guide is for Redmày lưu ý 3 only. Do not try this method on any other Xiaongươi phones.Your device may be bricked during this process. So, follow steps carefully also vì chưng this at your risk.Charge your device well enough.

Quichồng Requirments:

Unloông xã Bootloader of Redmi Note 3 Without Permission

1. You need lớn install proper ADB và Fastboot USB Driver from the above sầu links.


2. Next step is to lớn disable driver signature enforcement in your Windows PC.

To Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in your PC xuất hiện Commvà Window in Administrative Mode & Enter the following commvà and Press enter after this reboot your PC.

bcdedit /mix testsigning on3. Enable USB Debugging on your phone. Go to Settings > About Phone > Tap on MIUI Version 7 times. It will unloông chồng Developer option. Again from Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Option và enable USB debugging from here.


4. Next step is Unzip the downloaded MIUI 6.7.21 Global Developer Fastboot ROM in your Computer. You will see the ROM images in the Images thư mục of this ROM.


5. Extract Unloông chồng Bootloader File and Copy “emmc_appsboot.mbn” file from this folder & paste it in the Images folder of Global developer ROM. It will ask to lớn replace tệp tin choose Replace tệp tin.

6. Install XiaoMi MI Flash Tool on your PC because we have lớn install this Global Developer ROM on Redmày Note 3.

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7. Connect your Redmi Note 3 to PC In Fastboot Mode. To boot info fastboot mode press Power nguồn On + Volume Down button.

8. Extract fastboot EDL file và Run it. Now, your phone will be in Download Mode with the blaông xã screen.


9. mở cửa Device Manager, You will see your phone as QHUSB_BULK under Ports Section.


10. Right-click this & select Update Drivers Options & then Select the Driver folder from Mi Flash tool lượt thích this C:XiaoMiXiaoMiFlashSourceThirdPartyQualcommDriver if you didn’t find this thư mục then you can choose ADB Driver from that menu. Choose to lớn install this driver anyway wait till the installation completes.

11. xuất hiện Mi Flash Tool, Press Refresh button and You will see your device name COM10 or COM11 like this.


12. Click on Browse then locate the thư mục of Global DeveloperFastboot ROM. Then cliông chồng Advanced, Select as follow.


Fastboot Script – flashall.batFlash Programmer – prog_emmc_firehose_8976_ddr.mbnRaw XML File – rawprogram0.xmlPatch XML File – patch0.xml


12. We have sầu configured the Mi Flash Tool next step is to flash the ROM. From the bottom Choose Clean All và Press Flash button khổng lồ install this ROM on your Device.

13. It will take 10-20 Minute lớn finish this Flashing Process. You will see Success message after successful flashing.

14. Now, Switch on your phone in fastboot mode by pressing Power nguồn on + Volume Down button. Don’t remove sầu it from PC.

15. Open Commvà Prompt from Windows Menu. Type the following comm& lớn kiểm tra your device is connected or not.

fastboot devices16. It will show your device is connected. Type following comm& to lớn unloông chồng bootloader and press enter.

fastboot oem unlock-go17. That’s it you have sầu successfully unlocked bootloader of Redmi Note3 Without Permission. Use this code to lớn check your bootloader status. You will see its unlochồng.

fastboot oem device-info


So this was the simple & easy way to unlochồng Redmi Note 3 bootloader without permission, and without using mày flash unlock tool.

But still, if you want to lớn unlochồng bootloader using Mi Flash unloông chồng tool or using official method then please follow the guide below.


This is not a very hard method to lớn unloông xã your device. But still, my suggestion is lớn go with Official Method to lớn unlock Redmày Note 3. Because that process will not brichồng your device. Still, You can try this unofficial method khổng lồ unloông xã bootloader of Redmi cảnh báo 3.

If you have sầu any questions regarding this, then please vì chưng comment. We are happy to lớn help you.